This Siberian Zoo project is essentially a pitch for a unique map design located in the Russian Far East. It is designed for a stealth game; think Hitman and Death to Spies. Inspired by documentaries such as The Tiger Mafia, this map seeks to explore themes of animal exploitation and the impact of tourism on remote locations.

Siberian Zoo

Slay the Dragon is a video game I developed with an amazing team of CGA students at The Animation Workshop. I worked as a story consultant and concept artist on the project.

The game is now available on Steam:

Slay the Dragon

Drawing test done for Penny & Flo, a mobile game developed by Tactile Games. The test consisted of creating three game-ready assets from scratch, and a mock-up using existing and modified assets.  My sketches and game-ready assets are the ones showcased below the mock-up.

Penny & Flo
(Unused Assets, 2021)

Holy Wrath started out as a 4-page comic, but has since branched out to a personal world building project.

It's a satirical take on the story of Adam and Eve in a contemporary world, with religious militias imposing their own law and order. 

Holy Wrath