Slay the Dragon is a video game I developed with an amazing team of CGA students at The Animation Workshop. I worked as a story consultant and concept artist on the project.

The game is now available on Steam:

Slay the Dragon

Drawing test done for Penny & Flo, a mobile game developed by Tactile Games. The test consisted of creating three game-ready assets from scratch, and a mock-up using existing and modified assets.  My sketches and game-ready assets are the ones showcased below the mock-up.

Penny & Flo
(Unused Assets, 2021)

Holy Wrath started out as a 4-page comic, but has since branched out to a personal world building project.

It's a satirical take on the story of Adam and Eve in a contemporary world, with religious militias imposing their own law and order. 

Holy Wrath