Pursuing Perfection is an autobiographical graphic novel I made for my Bachelor Project at The Animation Workshop. It's based on my experience with bodybuilding. I'm not a professional bodybuilder, but I hope my graphic novel will speaks to people from all walks of life.

Pursuing Perfection
(58 pages, 2020-2021)

Historical fiction comic made in collaboration with Henrik Lange and Kristian Bay Kirk, still in progress. The story takes place during WW2, and revolves around Valja, a skeptical war journalist, and his love Ina, a Soviet patriot.

Rød Stjerne Gløder
(123 pages, 2020-)

What is biodiversity? WWF Denmark gave me a prompt to create a comic explaining what biodiversity is, what is threatening it and how we can help prevent it. This was a real fun assigment, and I was given a lot of freedom to approach the assigment with my own input. I designed some characters and environments to give the theme a sense of world building.

Biodiversity and Denmark
(14 pages, 2020)

This is how Holy Wrath had its humble start in 2017. I made it for my first exam project at The Animation Workshop. It gives a lot of context to the world of Holy Wrath, so here it is in its full glory!

Holy Wrath
(4 pages, 2017)